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TV Shopping Business Consulting

We will help you sell your products through TV shopping.

We support product proposals on QVC, Shop Channel, Japanet, and Ropping. Our experienced staff will assist you from contract negotiation to sales with television shopping companies. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support for the entire e-commerce business, not limited to television shopping. From launching e-commerce operations to strategizing and retaining customers, we seamlessly support the entire business process, aiming to maximize ROI. We specialize in providing total support to vendors considering sales on TV shopping channels.

Advantages of selling through TV shopping

Easily promote your products to multiple audiences


You can immediately understand customer reactions and respond in various ways.


Since you can understand customer purchasing information, you can develop detailed sales strategies.


Highly convenient for regular product purchasing and delivery


Selling products through TV shopping requires some Key Strategies

The greatest advantage of selling products through TV shopping lies in the increased product visibility and the substantial transaction volume generated in a single broadcast. Once successful, becoming a regular on TV shopping seems plausible.

However, not everyone can have their products featured on TV shopping. Major TV shopping companies like QVC, Shop Channel, Japanet, etc., don't readily accept conventional products. Thorough screening is conducted, sifting through similar items previously sold and seeking new, unique products suitable for the season or those that exude a distinctive appeal unique to teleshopping.

If you're unsure whether your company's products are suitable for TV shopping, please consult with us first.

We also provide consulting related to TV shopping and video production for use as inserts. Please see the sample videos produced by our company on the video production page.
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