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Restoration Service

Film/Tape Restoration

How are you currently storing the old tapes and films?
If any of the following situations applies to you, please contact us!
  • Tapes are recommended to be rewound approximately once every two years, but they haven't been played for over five years

  • There are numerous analog media, such as tapes and films, that cannot be played back

  • Struggling with organizing and managing old tapes and films

  • Not having playback equipment, unable to determine what is recorded

  • Inadequate humidity and temperature control in the storage location of the tapes

  • Film emits a sour odor

  • Wishing to restore deteriorating film

  • ​Want to eliminate video tape dropouts

​We recommend early digitalization before this happens.
Old analog footage is an important asset

Have you considered digitizing them for future convenience when needed?
Old films and tapes continue to deteriorate day by day.

Currently, parts production and repair support for analog video equipment has ended.

We recommend digitization as soon as possible.
Please check your tapes and films before they become unplayable.

Many of the digital tapes are also starting to grow mold.

​Please bring your old media to us before playing it yourself.


Microfiche repair case

Why does film deteriorate?

Inappropriate Environment

Film is sensitive to high temperature and humidity, so without proper management, TAC base undergoes hydrolysis due to moisture in the air, leading to the generation of acetic acid and causing the occurrence of vinegar syndrome.

Improper Handling

Handling film roughly can result in perforation breakage, scratches, or dirt on the film. Therefore, it is important to handle it with care and caution.

Improper Repair

When films are joined with cellophane tape or similar materials after they have been cut, the adhesive on the tape may cause discoloration or stickiness in the film.


Due to the characteristics of film, long-term storage is difficult and regular maintenance is required. If you can't keep it in a cool, dry place, it will definitely start to deteriorate.

​What is tape deterioration over time?

Please watch the video to see the sticking issue

Tapes stored for an extended period may experience issues such as sticking or mold formation due to the deterioration of the magnetic binder. In some cases, playback may become impossible. Even if playback is successful, it could lead to deck malfunctions, such as damaging the heads.

How the tape sticks
​This happens after just 30 seconds of playback!
Media deterioration over time can lead to tape breaks and VTR failures.
Cleaning needs

Old media has various problems such as mold, sticking, cutting, and bending.

Especially invisible adhesives etc.You won't know until you play it.

At our company, all old tape media is heat treated and cleaned.

Heat treatment and cleaning prevent tape from breaking and allow you to digitize more beautiful images.

We have a variety of decks available for cleaning, so please contact us.

Cleaning equipment for D1 and D2 tapes
Cleaning equipment for 1 inch tape

We can repair and clean all types of media.
Tape cleaning and video restoration at an early stage are the secret to maintaining cleaner video.

If there is any sticking on the old films or tapes, please refrain from playing them before cleaning. Our company performs heat treatment and cleaning before digitization, reducing digital noise and allowing for a more beautiful digitization of the footage.


We recommend digital video restoration for scratches and wrinkles that cannot be removed even with cleaning.

We employ various image correction systems, including Snell's Archangel Ph.C-HD, to address and repair debris and deterioration that cannot be eliminated through media cleaning.

Through real-time automatic image quality correction, we can effectively remove issues such as dust noise, scratches, and dropouts. Additionally, we have the capability to eliminate film grain noise and flicker.

Simply digitizing from old media doesn't resurrect clear images.
Please try digital video restoration.
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