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DVD & Blu-ray Production

Leave the DVD & Blu-ray production to us!

DVD Authoring Service

In our company, we meet our customers' needs with industry-leading equipment and technology from video production to DVD pressing. Of course, our experienced operators provide support for beginners, so feel free to consult us on anything. We use Sonic Scenarist for DVD authoring, allowing professional users to configure all essential functions.

About Encoding

When encoding from videotape, we use Sonic SD-2000 Encoder version 3.1. This encoder provides excellent encoding for cinema quality video.
Furthermore, with 2-pass VBR encoding, even long works can be encoded with high quality!
If you want high quality video, we recommend encoding from tape.

About DVD Authoring

We provide everything from simple authoring to professional authoring, depending on the needs of our customers.
If you only have a few copies without a menu, we recommend simple authoring.
For the DVDs we sell, we use an authoring system that allows for a variety of settings, so please feel free to contact us.

Blu-ray Authoring Service

We offer the production of simple Blu-rays at our company. We can create Blu-rays from various data files, so please feel free to inquire. Additionally, we can customize menus according to your preferences

Guidelines for the Workflow: Regarding the Verification Version Review

  • Please verify the video and audio throughout the entire content on your end.

  • We kindly request that any issues discovered after the completion of the verification version review be exempt from our responsibility.

  • If a verification version is not required, we cannot assume responsibility for any problems that may arise. Therefore, we ask that you perform a thorough check and confirm all aspects before placing an order for duplication.

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