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Copy & DVD Replication

Copy All Media

DVD Replication Service

We conduct DVD replication at high-quality manufacturing facilities both domestically and internationally, specifically in Taiwan.

Unlike the process of burning data onto a disc, which is a form of copying, DVD pressing involves physically recording data. This method ensures high compatibility with playback devices, making it optimal for commercial distribution.

Typically, the turnaround time for domestic pressing is approximately one week, while for international replication, it takes about two weeks.

Copy Service

We make various types of copies such as, DVD, Blu-ray, HDcam, Dβcam, hard disk, USB memory, and etc.  

Same-day delivery is possible at the earliest.
For example, we can deliver around 500 DVD copies in one day.
We also offer same-day shipping and high-speed support for related work, so please contact us.

Our company handles all processes, from DVD authoring to jacket printing, copying, and replication. For more details, please contact us.

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