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Copy Protection Service

Copy Protection Service

Copy protect your precious DVDs!

About Copy Protection

The copy protection system provided by our company is a technology that applies copy protection to DVD-VIDEO recorded on DVD-R and can copy protect each disc.

We receive the master DVD-R from the customer, and we make copies of the DVD-R with copy protection signals.

Copy Protection
  • Unlike DVD press production, ideal for small lots

  • Can be completed easily and quickly, even from just one piece

  • Effective for ripping software and commercial duplicators

  • Higher protection function than CSS


Master DVD conditions

  • Approximately 500MB of space is required for copy guard signals.

  • Please keep the master disk within 3.8GB.

  • Maximum menu capacity: around 100MB(Total of VIDEO_TS.IFO, VIDEO_TS.VOB, VIDEO_TS.BUP)

  • Please provide the master disc as an authored DVD-R.

  • Must be created using authoring software that meets DVD Forum standards.

  • Authoring software: Scenarist, Maestro, Studio PRO, DVD-LAB, ReelDVD, Sonic DVD IT, Ulead DVD Movie Maker, Roxio EASY video creator, etc.

  • In rare cases, problems may occur with masters created using a hard disk recorder.

  • File format: DVD-VIDEO format (not compatible with general data files)

Copy Protection Effect

  • Effective for ripping software such as DVD Shrink

  • Simple on Windows is valid for copying

  • Useful for simple copying on MAC

  • Effective for copying by duplicator

*Regardless of the above, complete copy protection is not guaranteed.

Disc used: DVD-R4.7GB  This is a disc exclusively for our copy protection.
Image quality: There is no deterioration in image quality due to copy protection.


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