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Cleaning, scratch & dirt removal and digital noise reduction

Media Restoration Service

Japan Horizon is the industry specialist in recovering high quality video and audio footage from old degrading tapes and film assets in Tokyo, Japan.


Magnetic Tapes

Older tape material suffers degradation. Typically the oxide on tape absorbs moisture if not stored in ideal conditions. This can also encourage the growth of mold.
We operate a scientific oven that is used to bake and dehydrate moisture from oxide tape. This ensures that the media plays without shedding and causing head clogs.
After the dehydration process is complete, we use the tape cleaner evaluators. These machines spool the tape, remove loose debris, dust and mold and leave the tape surface polished. 
D1, D2 Tape cleaning machine
1 inch tape cleaning machine

Films (8mm/9.5mm/16mm/35mm)

Degraded film is restored and cleaned using bench mounted winding and cleaning equipment.

Dust particles are removed using tacky transfer rollers and hand cleaned with liquids. In extreme cases ultra-sonic cleaning baths can be utilized. Film is carefully repacked and damaged splices are repaired prior to transfer.

One of our scanning machines is equipped with PTR sticky rollers to remove any further dust or dirt as the film is transferred to file.

Digital Video Noise Reducers (DVNR) can be utilized during the scanning to remove film grain, dirt and dust from the image in real time.

Digital vision film master software is optionally available for frame by frame, computer assisted image restoration for images that need special attention.

Our operators can speak English, so please get in touch with us in English!
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